Refuge Discpleship School

The Refuge Discipleship School is a unique Master’s Commission program designed for college-age students seeking to discover God’s individual plan and purpose for their life. It is also designed to allow students to experience life-changing growth through intense discipleship, academics, and ministry training. At the Refuge Discipleship School, we believe that students can be equipped with vital life skills by taking a “gap year,” and committing one year of their life to maturing spiritually, relationally, and emotionally.

Abe and Kourtney Ortega

Abe Ortega grew up in Inglewood, California and moved to Birmingham, Alabama when he was 18 years old to attend Birmingham Metro Master’s Commission (BMMC). He worked with BMMC for 10 years and was the Assistant Director to Pastor Mark Sims. Abe has a deep love for the arts and an appreciation for all things creative. He is also gifted in pulling out the creativity in those around him. His passion is discipleship and he believes that while all believers are called to be fishers of men, some are called to “clean the fish.” Abe’s heart is to “help clean fish” by preparing disciples to go into all the world, being the salt and carrying His light. Abe received his bachelors degree in Christian Leadership from Ecclesia College. For fun, he enjoys being with people, growing relationships, and going to the movies!

Cole Stewart

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