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Academics are a valued part of the Refuge Discipleship School. We believe that gaining knowledge is a vital part of discipleship, and we encourage students to become successful and God-honoring disciples by obtaining a biblically sound education. RDS has partnered with Ecclesia College, a Christian college located in Springdale, Arkansas, that provides RDS students with the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours of college credit. All credits earned at RDS can be transferred to Ecclesia College, where students can continue to pursue their degree either online or on-site, in Arkansas.

Ecclesia College offers a range of ministry degrees and seeks to train leaders, seeking to go into full-time ministry and serve the Lord on the mission field. Below is a summary of the course study that is offered at RDS. For more information about Ecclesia College visit www.ecollege.edu.

Ecclesia College receives institutional accreditation for higher education with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). ABHE is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and Council for higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

First Year Course Study

(Bib 101.1) Bible Journal: Old Testament
(Bib 101.2) Bible Journal: New Testament
(Bib 102) Scripture Memory 1
(Bib 203) Bible Study Methodology

(Dis 100) Basic Evangelism/Soul Winning
(Dis 101) Prayer Habit: Lab
(Dis 103) Christian Interpersonal Relationship
(Dis 104) Principles of Spiritual Authority
(Dis 106) The Disciple and Health
(Dis 108) The Disciple and Money
(Dis 109) Christian Character

(The 101) Spiritual Warfare/Deliverance 1
(The 102) Theology of Discipleship
(The 104) World Religions/Cults

(Min 100) Public Presentation/Speech 1
(Min 101) Children’s Ministry 1
(Min 102) Youth Ministry 1
(Min 103) Eldercare 1
(Min 104) Urban Outreach 1
(Min 105) Programmed Outreach 1
(Min 107) Drama as Applied Ministry 1
(Min 108) Music as Applied Ministry 1
(Min 109) Media as Applied Ministry 1
(Min 111) School Mentoring