Fully immersed

RDS Links

The purpose of “RDS Links” is to give each student the opportunity to partner with various ministries of The Refuge Church, outside the classroom to equip them with real life experiences while discovering the new gifts they may have. RDS Links is designed to pull out the potential in each student and inspire them to dive deeper into their talents and the calling God has on their lives.

Vertical Movement Link

Vertical Movement encompasses high school, middle school, and public school outreach ministries at the Refuge. RDS has the opportunity to work alongside our incredible youth team, in which they will be involved in thinking through, planning, and executing out-of-the-box ideas, to best connect with and reach youth students. They will intentionally pour into the next generation, while also learning how to think critically, and creatively.


Worship Arts Link

The Worship Arts Department at The Refuge is responsible for all things creative! Their goal is to redeem the arts and use creativity to present the gospel in new and compelling ways. Using an apprenticeship method, RDS students receive training in the areas of videography, photography, stage design, graphic design, and audio and visual techniques. This challenges RDS students to develop new creative skill sets, as well as gain hands-on experience.

Refuge Kids Link

Refuge Kids is the children’s ministry at The Refuge serving children from birth to fifth grade. Not only does RDS serve those who are considered “the greatest in the Kingdom”, but the students also have the great privilege to work alongside our top-notch children’s team, from whom they will learn the art of dreaming, serving a vision, and how to have the faith and creativity of a kid again!  




Refuge Young Adults Link

Refuge Young Adults is a ministry that is intended for ages 19-30. The intention of this ministry is to create a community for spiritual growth during transitional years of life. Refuge Young Adults does this through worship nights, small groups, and corporate gatherings, where worship, prayer, and the Word set the atmosphere for an encounter with the Lord. RDS students will play a vital role in participating, supporting, and creating an environment for discipleship and community.

Refuge Outreach

Refuge Outreach involves all ministries at The Refuge helping our communities and those around us. Outreach at The Refuge is not a one-time experience, it is who we are. We believe that we are called to be the church and not just do church and we strive to do that in a variety of ways. Through partnerships with existing non-profits, or stepping up to meet the tangible needs of our community, we take the responsibility of our city seriously.