Fully immersed

RDS Links

The purpose of “RDS Links” is to give each student the opportunity to partner with various ministries of The Refuge Church, outside the classroom to equip them with real life experiences while discovering the new gifts they may have. RDS Links is designed to pull out the potential in each student and inspire them to dive deeper into their talents and the calling God has on their lives.

Vertical Movement

Vertical Movement encompasses high school, middle school, and public school outreach ministries at the Refuge. RDS has the opportunity to work alongside our incredible youth team, in which they will be involved in thinking through, planning, and executing out of the box ideas, to best connect with and reach youth students. They will intentionally pour into the next generation, while also learning how to think critically, and creatively.

Club Vertical

Club Vertical is a program that serves local middle and high schools in our community. Club Vertical seeks to meet the needs of the public school system by providing community service and creating a mentorship program for local students. RDS students are able to participate in community service projects and be a source of positive change for middle and high school students.

Vertical Middle School

Vertical Middle School is the middle school student ministry at The Refuge. Every week 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from all over the greater Charlotte area meet to have fun, connect with others, and worship God. RDS plays a vital role in challenging middle school youth to enter a deeper relationship with God. RDS has the opportunity to connect with middle school students, lead small groups, pray with students, and serve our middle school ministry.

Vertical High School

Vertical is the high school youth ministry at The Refuge. The unique style of Vertical offers life-changing experiences for high school students through large and small group services.  RDS plays an important role in building relationships, practicing discipleship, leading small groups, and creating lasting friendships with Vertical high school students.

Worship Arts Link

The Worship Arts Department at The Refuge is responsible for all things creative! Their goal is to redeem the arts and use creativity to present the gospel in new and compelling ways. Using an apprenticeship method, RDS students receive training in the areas of videography, photography, stage design, graphic design, and audio and visual techniques. This challenges RDS students to develop new creative skill sets, as well as gain hands-on experience.

Refuge Worship

The Refuge Worship is led by a team of passionate worshipers that desire to create an environment of worship where God is exalted and lives can be changed. RDS students seeking to expand their gifts and knowledge of worship will have the opportunity to receive training in the art of worship and leading worship from The Refuge Worship Director, Trent Haithcock. Students may also participate in vocal lessons, instrumental training, and song writing. This allows RDS students to utilize their gifts and expand their knowledge of worship ministry.

Production Team

The Refuge Production Team uses technology as a tool to assist The Refuge in their pursuit to creatively present the gospel. RDS students have the opportunity to serve in weekend services and special events by operating cameras, working with visual effects, and assisting with presentation and audio production.

Refuge Kids Link

Refuge Kids is the children’s ministry at The Refuge serving children from birth to fifth grade. Not only does RDS serve those who are considered “the Greatest in the Kingdom”, the students also have the great privilege to work alongside our top notch children’s team, from whom they will learn the art of dreaming, serving a vision, and how to have the faith and creativity of a kid again! 

Little Explorers

Little Explorers is the early childhood ministry at The Refuge. This ministry serves children, ages birth to five, and strives to instill the love of Jesus in each child. RDS students have the opportunity to help engage children by teaching Bible lessons, organizing games, and leading activities.

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure is the Children’s Ministry at The Refuge. It is a place for elementary age students in grades 1st-5th to come and learn how to build their lives on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ. Each week RDS helps to creatively lead children in the great adventure of growing closer to God through worship, creative expression, games, and teaching.

Wednesday Night Kids

Wednesday Night Kids, our Wednesday night services for children from 1st – 5th grade, gives RDS students the chance to form deeper relationships with the kids and go into some deeper topics than on Sundays. During Wednesday Nights, opportunities consistently present themselves to be like Jesus through interaction and showing the love and kindness He shows us, to the Children of the Kingdom.

Refuge Young Adults Link

Refuge Young Adults is a ministry that is intended for ages 19-30. The intention of this ministry is to create community for spiritual growth during transitional years of life. Refuge Young Adults does this through worship nights, small groups, and corporate gatherings, where worship, prayer, and the Word set the atmosphere for an encounter with the Lord. RDS students will play a vital role in participating, supporting, and  creating an environment for discipleship and community.

Refuge Outreach

Refuge Outreach involves all ministries at The Refuge helping our communities and those around us. Outreach at The Refuge is not a one time experience, it is who we are. We believe that we are called to be the church and not just do church and we strive to do that in a variety of ways. Through partnerships with existing non-profits, or stepping up to meet the tangible needs of our community, we take the responsibility of our city seriously.

Refuge Oprhan Care

Refuge Orphan Care is a ministry to Foster and Adoptive families, which is led by Pastor Teri Furr. This ministry helps supply the needs and support to adoptive and foster families. Refuge Orphan Care partners also with Love Life Charlotte saving the lives of unborn children. RDS works alongside the ministry to create fun opportunities for both the children and parents. Students get to see firsthand the impact made to these kids and their families by participating in festivals, “Parents Night Out,” and other church wide experiences and events throughout the year. Our students learn God’s heart for the voiceless, and are equipped to better care for the vulnerable around them.

Beside the Road Ministries

Beside the Road Ministries is an amazing ministry partner that provides tutoring and mentoring to students within  a local trailer park. Headed by Beth Morgan, students work alongside her and  her team to mentor, teach, and lead elementary-High School students. RDS students also learn to explain practical and biblical lessons to students in fun and engaging ways. This ministry stretches students to help communities that may be outside of their demographic, and enables students to use their talents to help those most in need around them.


Evangelizing is at the heart of the Refuge. RDS equips students to notice opportunities to serve and minister the gospel to those around us. We do this through ministering to the homeless, finding opportunities to discern and assist other’s needs in everyday situations, and UNCC campus ministering. Evangelizing teaches our students to go the extra mile and proclaim the Gospel in creative and interactive ways.

Heavan’s Touch

Led by Pastor Bill Russell, Heaven’s Touch is a ministry that aims to inspire and minister to those in the latter season of life in local Senior Facilities, Nursing Homes, and Rehabilitation Centers. RDS students will have the opportunity to minister to the elderly of our community by visiting selected facilities, connecting with residents, assisting with chapel services, and serving specific needs of the elderly community.